Winter League 2021

The recent inclement weather has done little to shake up the points tables, with several of our members endeavouring to plough on despite the snow on the ground, earning themselves some bonus points for their efforts. Stephen Hanna and John Davison both set off for the 9:03 two weeks ago and were rewarded with 10 bonus points each. Pete waited until later in the day before venturing out and earning 5 bonus points. Meanwhile, those who stayed indoors were rewarded, by earning points for weekend turbo spins (usually no points for turbo spins over the weekend).

Great to see a couple of new names on the table, with Dan emerging from hibernation and new member Gareth clocking up some points. Also encouraging to see the renewed drive from John Davison, putting in some hard miles over the past few weeks.

Despite only a few weeks left until the end of the winter league, there is still time to make a difference!

Rules of the league as follows:

1. Scoring generally as follows:

Saturday 9:03 or Sunday Bun Run = 10 points

Hurt Locker or other planned* midweek club run = 6 points

Solo spin = 3 points

Turbo activity** = 1 point

*Minimum 24 hours notice required on club WhatsApp to constitute a ‘planned’ activity, with minimum 2 members taking part.

**No Turbo points on a Saturday/Sunday

2. There will be no cap on the maximum number of points scored each week.

3. There will be weekly bonus points applied for total time on the bike (incl. turbo trainer) – 1 point for each full hour. 

Note – 3hrs 59mins will score 3 points, 4hrs will score 4 points.

4. To be eligible to score points, your activity must be on the club Strava.  If you’re not already on it, please let us know.

“If it’s not on Strava – it didn’t happen!”

5. Penalty Points will be applied at the discretion of the admin team for offences including, but not limited to:

Inconsiderate or Dangerous Cycling (incl. half-wheeling)

Riding without mudguards when wet

6. Similarly, Bonus Points may be applied for noble acts that promote the good name of the club (or cycling in general) e.g.

Helping an older person across the road.

Foregoing your last gel for a club mate on a 150mile ride.

7. In the case of commuting, a ride at the start of the day and a ride at the end of the day will be classed as two separate rides and scored accordingly.

8. In the case of any restrictions being applied to club rides, the following points will be applied:

Any one ride equivalent to Saturday/Sunday run in length/duration scores 10 points.

A second ride scores 6 points (i.e. 10 points for one ride and 6 points for the next ride).

Any further rides score 3 points (i.e. 10 points for one ride, 6 for second, 3 points for third/fourth/fifth, etc).

Indoor rides will remain at 1 point.

Note that there is no requirement for the 10 pointers to be on a Saturday/Sunday (i.e. it could be mid-week).

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