Competitor Brief

Role of the Competitor
Whilst a competitor will have very specific personal aims and targets within a race, his/her role is to ride within their limits, understand the competitive risks involved and carryout every manoeuvre mindful of its impact on those around them. Of equal importance, the competitor must understand the role and abide by any decision taken by the assisting Race Marshals.
Under the terms of Cycling Ireland and the direction given in its Event Safety Code, competitors must be in possession of the correct in-date license, and must be signed onto the event sheet to validate his/her participation. All competitors must abide by the rules set by the organizing authority. Failure to do so, may result in your ejection from the race before or during the event.
Safety First
The competitor’s allegiance must always be to safety first. Riders should not adopt a win at all cost attitude, and must think before they act. The aftermath of any race incident is neither cheap nor pretty. Competitors must expect the unexpected and be prepared to react quickly to unforeseen circumstances ahead. At no time should a rider allow himself/herself to become tunnel visioned. He/she must remain spacially aware. Riders are encouraged to communicate when groups form, so that those partially blinded to the road ahead can be made aware of hazards by those ahead with a better view.
On occasion, the presence of the road marshal – wearing a safety High Vis-Vest and using a flag –will cause local motorists to slow and ask the marshal what is going on. Ideally, this will happen, as we want drivers to be aware of cyclists on the road. The road marshal should be positive about the event, courteous to motorists and residents, but also firm and deliberate in signals and actions. In most cases, this courtesy and confidence is rewarded with respect from the local public. Competitors must be aware that not all motorists are sympathetic towards cyclists and the delays they may cause on the road, as a result, riders must be mindful of their position on the road and cautious when anticipating the actions of other road users.
Rules of the road
Although the riders are under race conditions, no special exemption from traffic laws is given unless otherwise stated. The riders are under obligation to follow local bye laws and the Highway Code, regarding bicycles on open public roads. This means that all riders must be prepared to stop at intersections/junctions, slow down for road dangers, and or follow the direction given by appointed ace marshals. Safety must always come first.
Approaching Marshals                                                                                                             When cyclists approach an intersection/junction or danger spot, the position of the race marshal should alert them to upcoming stops or hazards. The road marshal will use wide, sweeping motions and visible gestures to alert competitors to the upcoming hazard. The gestures to be used include: • Flag extended at arms – length right or left turn ahead. Wave flag up and down with forearm. • Arms and hands pushing down, palms down – slow down, danger or turn ahead. All competitors are to acknowledge that spontaneous actions may occur outside the field of view of the marshal or outside the ability to react.
Competitor Equipment
All competitors must ensure that their bicycle is in a well maintained and serviceable condition. Riders will not be permitted to take part without a properly fitting, manufacturer approved cycling helmet. All are encouraged to wear safety glasses, to avoid injury from insects or traffic propelled debris. Gloves are also encouraged to avoid injury from stone chips.
Preparation and Post Race Routine
All competitors are encouraged to include sufficient time for a pre-race warm up and a post-race warm down to help reduce potential muscle strains and cramping. Hydration must be included in pre and post-race routines.
Race/Event Marshal Powers
All Race/Event Marshals are in place to assist the competitor in safe passage, and have the power to stop or eject any rider who is acting in a manner which may lead to him or her endangering him/herself, another competitor or other road user. Should any rider fail to comply then the details will be passed immediately to the Event Organizer/Safety Officer whom will act upon the information given. Any rider whom fails to comply may face club disciplinary action. Marshals have no powers over other road users unless directed by the PSNI.
Safe riding.