Club Race League


With the success of 2017 and a huge rise in participation, the club race league for 2018  has saw only minor tweaks and changes. Events this year again see variety, with a mix of challenges for those competing,  inclusive of Team and Individual Time Trial formats, Road Racing, a Hill Climb and have 8 events contained with this years Banbridge Inter Club Race League.  Hopefully something for everyone.

In order to be eligible to compete, club members and visitors must hold at minimum, a CI Limited Competition License. For the Club League members must be a fully subscribed club member for 2018. Events will take place on Thursdays, from early April through to early September. The dates and events are listed in the club calendar.

Our aim

Is to provide a race league series that encompasses competitiveness, friendship, challenging formats and all within as  safe an environment as we can provide. Our goal within this, is to identify a club and visitors champion for 2017.

Previous winners


2014 Neil Seffen        2015 Ronnie Massey          2016 Gordon Brown        2017 Neil Seffen


2016 Davey McKnight TVR