Club Race League 2018

League Table, updated 20 Jul 2018, on completion of Hill Sprint 19 July..


1. The Club Race League is for club members only and is used to identify an annual winner, through points awarded at club race events.
2. All club members are eligible to compete, but must hold a minimum Limited Competition License to do so, thereby remaining compliant with CI insurance policies.
3. All competitors are reminded that racing is done on open roads, with venues shared by other road users. Road laws remain in place at all times and all manoeuvres are the responsibility of the competitor and not the marshal, who is there merely to assist.
4. All competitors are to read the competitors and marshals brief found on the club website.
5. There are 14 events in the 2018 season. 6 are club events and 8 are shared within the Inter Club race league. All 14 will be used to gain/award league points.
6. All events unless otherwise stated will run under a handicapping system, which uses previous performances to estimate future personal targets.
7. Points will be awarded 1st 20, 2nd 19, 3rd 18, 4th 17, 5th 16, 6th 15, etc Competitor’s best 11 event scores during the season, will be used to identify final league placings (This includes points awarded for marshalling duties).
9. All competitors must make themselves available to marshal a minimum 2 events. Marshals will be awarded 20 points for 2 events only, any further marshalling cover will gain 5 points.
10. Competitors must ensure their bikes are road worthy and be equipped with helmet and eye protection. Rear lights are desirable.
11. Individual race events may incur special conditions which will be posted on social media when required. This includes such restrictions as road bikes only in Team Time Trials.
12. Competitors must wear club clothing during events.
13. All competitors and marshals must sign on prior to taking part and must respect those administrating the events.