Club Race League Event Results

10 Mile ITT – 17 Aug 17
With almost an entire month of unsettled weather, it was yet again a lottery as to whether it would stay dry or rain for event 9 and our final eligible league event. The Venue was Rathfriland Rd a favoured amongst route amongst many. So there we are 12 brave souls looking up at the grey sky closing in to replace the blue and as we line out in order of starting, the skys open. All faced with heavy rain and a headwind to the turn, rolled off with gritted teeth and determination. This event unlike all others was listed as non handicapped for club riders and therefore expectation lay heavily on Neil Seffen, the clubs consistent TT No.1. And he didn’t fail to deliver, yet again showing the strength to deliver, no matter the conditions. No shocks were produced and the clubs pecking order remains in tact. Club and Visitor placings are listed below. Although with one more race event, Seeing out our league in conjunction with the visitors league, we must heap praise on those whom have risen to the top.
At Club level having led for so long and loosing out to eliminating the worst two rider results William Strain is placed third, in what has been a remarkable season both in making his Mark at Club level and lately his results in Open level A4 racing. This year we have joint winners, with Johnny Burns and Mark Johnston locked jointly in first. Both A4 racers and handicapped suitably scored consistently in club racing, while competing weekly at open level.
At Visitor level, our league has been dominated by the consistency and commitment of the guys from SMCC. Many breezed in, whether due to availability or preferred course, but for two in particular, they made the regular trip to join us. In third place on the night and second place in the league having shown massive improvement throughout the season was Colin Abernethy. Second on the night however and this years league winner was Gordon McAvoy. Gordon has consistently performed in the mid 25 to mid 26 bracket this season and is a very welcome winner given his support. Massive well done.
All times  and placings below.


10 Mile ITT – 03 Aug 17

Strong winds were the big feature on tonights TT, held on a new route along Market Hill Rd. A fairly brutal headwind challenged riders from the start line to the turn on what was a dry and bright night. 22 took part with the fastest time posted by talented local trialist John Heverin. Times and placings below.



10 Mile ITT – 26 Jul 17

Having cancelled the 20 mile ITT event on 20 Jul, owing to a last minute deluge of rain, the above event was added into the club league as a replacement. This event was hosted by TVR on the Warrenpoint to Newry dual carriageway.

Once again and for the second week running the weather was to conspire against us, with sunshine right up to around 30 mins before the first rider was due to leave. With only one major turn TVR decided to run the event.

We had six riders turn out with all finishing bar Davy, having been cut up badly by an aggressive motorist. Conditions were abysmal with heavy persistent showers and gusting wind. Thankfully all finished safely, though there was certainly a need for madness to brave the conditions. Neil Seffen was as ever fastest, though with handicaps applied it was the inform Johnny Burns that took top points.

Results TVR ITT

Hill Climb ITT – 7 Jul 17

Race league event 6 was a hilly Time Trial on country roads a few miles outside Tandragee in the area of Clare. With a total distance of 1.9miles, the route was short, though with several inclines along the way and 100m plus elevation there was certainly enough to raise the pulse.

Conditions were perfect. Dry with no wind and a temp of around 15c we couldn’t have got better. Only nine competitors took part. AT club level there were no handicaps and it was man o man. As expected Neil Seffen was first with a time of 6.35, however pushing him close was William Strain with a good time of 6.40. Third place went to Ronnie Massey with 6.51 and filling out club entry was Tim Dodds on 7.02 and Davy Cartmill on 7.20. Great effort by all.


Visitors participating came from BCC, Powerhouse and as so often this season SMCC. Fastest visitor and of the night was Lindsay Watson with a super time of 5,17, second was young BCC rider Charlie Glover at 6.53 with Gordy McAvoy of SMCC at 6.58 and Colin Abernethy at 7.42. Once again a great effort by all and we thank you for your support and going the extra miles to tonights venue.

As ever, our thanks to our rock steady  time keepers and to the marshals there to keep us safe.

Road Race – 22 Jun 17

Club racing was back this week with the first of several handicapped road race events. Last time out the club run a non league event in the form of an Aussie Pursuit, an event run to open up variety though owing to format rules could not be included in the league. Moving on this week gave the opportunity to notch up the points again, though unfortunately with a number of neighbouring club events running on the same evening, numbers in attendance were lower than hoped. Still that didn’t dent the enthusiasm for those who did take to the start.  Three more or less evenly sized groups were released, at intervals of 2 mins and then 4.30 mins. Those in the first group would head off in the hope of working to hold off the chasers as long as possible. With all but the third group looking over they’re shoulders, racing hard each group worked hard to either stay ahead or close the gap. Group one were caught by group 2, by the 3rd of four laps and fought to stay ahead and producing the final winner, Junior Burns. After a gallant effort Group 3  crossed the line 15 secs back, having caught all but the winner. Big well done to all and in particular our winner Johnny Burns.

Position Overall Placing Club
1 Johnny Burns VCI
2 Scott Daly VCI
3 Charlie Glover Banbridge CC
4 Warren McConville Clann Erinn
5 Davy McKnight TVR
6 John Heverin Clann Erinn
7 William Strain VCI
8 Simon Keery VCI
9 Gordon McAvoy SMCC
10 John Davison VCI
11 Colin Abernathy SMCC
12= Brian Halliday & Davy Cartmill VCI

15 Mile ITT – 18 May 17

Race 4 in this years calendar was our slightly longer ITT over 15.5 Miles along the Rathfriland Rd to the Diamond Crossroads, into Katesbridge and back via the Castlewellan Rd. After a fairly mild spell with several weeks of sunshine, it was back to a somewhat more unpredictable outlook.  Heavy showers dominated the afternoon prior to the event starting with the sky moody and dark, through good fortune however the clouds broke and  the event went off under blue sky’s.

Using the familiar roads of Banbridge 21 riders signed on to take on the test. Six of those club riders and the remainder visitors from the now familiar clubs who continue to support us. Clearly numbers where down a little and it would be fair to assume local showers would have contributed.

On the club front targets where set using the 10 mile target multiplied by 1.55 With marshalling a little heavier, participation was lower than what is our normal, however this did not effect those riding, after all TTing is a very personal thing. Fastest on the night at club level was Neil Seffen who yet again firmly put his stamp on the club scene with a fine time of 38.31 Not far behind was the massively improved Mark Johnston with a very creditable 39.12. Our next fastest was Johnny Burns whom deserves much credit for his results this year, all achieved on a road bike without the aid of any aero equipment. Handicaps applied and it was Mark whom took top spot with the times and points listed below. Mark now leads our league, and will continue to see strong challenge as the season moves forward.

Visitors Results

15 took part with 14 finishing (Colin Abernethy SMCC Mechanical). Of those taking part quickest on the night was Thomas Martin whom displayed yet another dominant ride on his aero mount. Thomas clocked in a smooth 37.26 with second place falling to Gavin Magowan of Dromara CC clocking a time of 38.08. This was a remarkable result for Gavin whom had the misfortune of a cable snap on hie rear mech shifting cable just prior to starting. Gavin took the start with the choice of big rong or small ring and effectively did the event fixed wheel style, Chapeau. Fergal Magee and Rory McIntyre both of Apollo CT locked horns for 3rd and 4th with only a handful of seconds between them. Gordon McAvoy of SMCC taking 6th spot and 15 points now takes a lead in the visitors league. Well done Gordy consistent as ever.

Club Placing

Rider Target Actual Diff Place Points
Mark Johnston 38.23 39.12 + 0.49 1 20
Johnny Burns 40.55 41.58 + 1.03 2 19
Neil Seffen 37.25 38.31 + 1.06 3 18
Brian Halliday 43.24 45.21 + 1.57 4 17
John Davidson 39.34 42.32 + 2.58 5 16
Ivan McConville 42.16 45.57 + 3.41 6 15

Visitor Placing

Rider Club Actual Place Points
Thomas Martin Clann E 37.26 1 20
Gavin Magowan Dromara 38.08 2 19
Fergal McGee Apollo 38.33 3 18
Rory McIntyre Apollo 38.39 4 17
Geoff Tate WDW 41.19 5 16
Gordy McAvoy SMCC 41.50 6 15
Enda McDaid Apollo 42.43 7 14
Warren McNeil Clann E 43.20 8 13
Angus Graham Dromore CC 45.55 9 12
Nial  Simpson SMCC 46.04 10 11
Kieth Stewart Dromore CC 47.24 11 10
Harry Martin Clann E 47.31 12 9
Mark Mullholland Apollo 47.39 13 8
Gavin McConvey Unattached 48.59 14 7
Colin Abernethy SMCC DNF (Mech) 3

Plantation Rd 10 mile ITT 04 May 17

This was a tough test on a windy night and one that would no doubt would have greatly favoured those in a solid TT position. Bright, sunny and windy all received the same conditions as we released the 40 riders one minute apart. And with only 22 released already we had the first rider back Chris McGlinchy CRC, who would go on to be the top rider of the evening with a time of 21.53, a most predictable outcome.

In the Club event Mark Johnston topped the club performance with a fine time of 24.08. Mark with the same time as he did a fortnight ago, took 16 secs out of Neil Seffen whom was down just over 50 secs on his last performance. No doubt both releashing the competition. Another solid performance from Simon Keery saw him post our 3rd quickest time. This years league will do no doubt be hard to call with so many performing well above expectations.

In the visitors section, we saw another great nights support in particular from SMCC and Dromore CC whom both had 7 riders take part. Always with a good mix of ability and machinery evident, our visitors league is one that welcomes beginners to seasoned veterans and with no handicaps in play will see  consistency no doubt the key to success. All times are below:


Club Placing

Rider Target Actual Diff Place Points
Mark Johnston 24.58 24.08 -0.50 1 20
David Cartmill 27.05 26.20 -0.45 2 19
Simon Keery 25.20 24.40 -0.40 3 18
William Strain 26.15 25.41 -0.34 4 17
Iyan McConville 27.22 27.10 -0.12 5 16
Paul Rice 25.20 25.11 -0.09 6 15
Gordon Brown 25.30 25.48 +0.18 7 14
John Davidson 25.39 25.17 +0.22 8 13
Neil Seffen 24.01 24.24 +0.23 9 12
Johnny Burns 26.13 26.44 +0.31 10 11
Brian Halliday 27.47 28.38 +0.51 11 10


Visitor Placing

Rider Club Actual Place Points
Chris McGlinchy CRC 21.53 1 20
Thomas Martin C Eireann 23.27 2 19
Fergal Magee ACT 23.59 3 18
Rory McIntyre Apollo 24.15 4 17
Alan Curran VCI 24.15 4 17
Brandon Douglass WDW 24.43 6 15
Connor McAlorum TVR 25.00 7 14
Mark Short Phoenix CC 25.16 8 13
Gordy McAvoy SMCC 25.46 9 11
Johnny Kyle SMCC 26.15 10 10
David Quinn Apollo 26.15 10 9
Jamie Gregg Dromore CC 26.25 12 8
Paul Carr Unattached 27.05 13 7
Colin Abernethy SMCC 27.07 14 6
Warren McNeil C Eireann 27.17 15 5
Andy Leggit Dromore CC 27.35 16 4
Johnathon Waddell TVR 27.52 17 3
Andy Williamson Portadown CC 28.10 18 3
Nial  Simpson SMCC 28.32 19 3
Gary Parks Dromore CC 28.42 20 3
Mervyn Belshaw SMCC 28.46 21 3
Angus Graham Dromore CC 28.56 22 3
Harry Martin C Eireann 28.59 23 3
Kieth Stewart Dromore CC 29.26 24 3
Michael McCaw SMCC 29.27 25 3
Chris Leech Portadown CC 29.33 26 3
William steele Dromore CC 29.52 27 3
Richard Yarr SMCC 30.19 28 3
Andrea Cunningham Dromore CC 35.17 29 3


Castlewellan Rd 10 mile ITT 20 Apr 17

Conditions for this event were mild with the temperature around 13c, a mild tailwind out to the turn and that same wind causing a headwind for the 5 mile run back. Essentially the weather was dry and although dull seemed a reasonable evening for a reasonable time. With several members within the usual race scene unavailable, 7 club riders went off in search of the early season points. and with the start of the season proper comes the annual unveil of new equipment. Notably John Davison (JD) with his glamorous new Trek aero steed, William Strain with new aero bike and several others with aero wheels and skin suits. It was good to  welcome Davy Cartmill back on his aero bike after last years crash set back and although a fair bit of work is needed to get back to where he was last year, that will no doubt be something he will be working hard at. Early markers were immediately set down towards a season of very fast and competitive club racing. As usual Neil Seffen proved to be the quickest club tester, with him post a great start to this season and a time of 23.33 (40.76km/h). Clearly Neil will be the man to beat again this year.  Mark Johnston (Jonty) posted the next quickest time and is now really cementing himself in as one of the clubs quickest men. Mark competing at A4 level has worked hard over the winter and has trimmed his weight down to help in this years assault.  JD in his first race season along with William Strain having just joined the clubs race core, made up other notable performances with both setting early PB’s and super quick times. With handicaps applied in this event JD takes top points having been hugely below his individual target. So, with the promise of some realistic handicapping this season, there will be  some heavy handed recalculations to offset the next event. Well done to all. Results below.

In the visitor section, yet again we saw a number of local clubs participate and in particular strong support from both SMCC and Dromore CC whom both seem to be growing in race numbers. And although technically external to our club interests, its been great to note how they too are seeing good development and performance gains. There’s been a good atmosphere with them all and friendships seem to be strong, through both involvement at A4 level and through support to our events.

Results in the visitors event saw Collum McAlorum (Currently going well in A4 level) take the win and the top points towards our visitors league having been over a minute quicker than the next visitor. Collum was third fastest on the night. Full results below


Club Placing

Rider Target Actual Diff Place Points
John Davidson 26.45 24.33 – 2.12 1 20
William Strain 27.10 25.43 – 1.27 2 19
Mark Johnston 25.25 24.08 – 1.17 3 18
Brian Halliday 28.25 27.32 – 0.53 4 17
Josh Daly 25.52 25.07 – 0.45 5 16
Neil Seffen 24.15 23.33 – 0.42 6 15
David Cartmill 25.40 27.09 + 1.29 7 14


Visitor Placing

Rider Club Actual Place Points
Collum McAlorum TVR 24.40 1 20
Gordy McAvoy SMCC 26.00 2 19
Enda McDaid Apollo 26.19 3 18
J Kyle SMCC 26.12 4 17
Peter McBride BCC 26.52 5 16
Matt McKinstry WDW 27.00 6 15
Colin Abernethy SMCC 27.10 7 14
N Simpson SMCC 27.20 8 13
J Waddell TVR 27.20 9 12
G Parks Dromore CC 27.35 10 11
Angus Graham Dromore CC 27.55 11 10
M Belshaw SMCC 28.11 12 9
William steele Dromore CC 29.09 13 8
M Mullholland Apollo 29.17 14 7
Bob Bawden Dromore CC 29.21 15 6
M McVeigh Shimna 29.27 16 5
R Lewis Dromore CC 30.26 17 4



Club Race Results 2 Up TTT Rathfriland Rd 6 Apr 17

Team Target Actual Diff Place Points
Mark & William 26.45 24.52 – 1.53 1 20
Ronnie Junior 26.45 25.27 – 1.18 2 19
Gordy & Josh 26.20 25.09 – 1.11 3 18
Paul &  Simon 25.45 25.39 – 0.06 4 17
Davy & Brian 27.25 28.29 + 1.04 5 16

Visitor Race Results 2 Up TTT Rathfriland Rd 6 Apr 17

Team Club Actual Place Points
Rory & Fergal Apollo 24.57 1 20
Mark & Conor TVR 25.58 2 19
Gordon & Jonathon SMCC 26.01 3 18
Cathel & Karen Apollo 27.15 4 17
Colin & Mervyn SMCC 27.54 5 16
Toni & Campbelll Apollo CT 28.23 6 15
Gary & David TVR 29.41 7 14
Richard & Jim SMCC 31.32 8 13
Warren McNeil 27.15
Davy McKnight 24.22