VCI Chairman’s Christmas Run 2019

The Chairman’s Christmas Run has become something of an annual tradition in Velo Club Iveagh.  Some may conjure up images of a short spin to a restaurant where the Chairman has laid on a lavish feast – almost like ‘President’s Day’ in a Golf Club…sadly this this is not the case.  For us, the Chairman’s Christmas Run is really just an opportunity for the club to come together for a ‘social ride’ after the hustle and bustle of Christmas.

This year we met on Saturday 28 December, which seemed to work well for most, as we drew a good crowd.  Our number included quite a few who hadn’t been out for some time, as well as a few visitors, which was great to see.  Meeting at Tesco in Banbridge, we headed for Donaghcloney, before swinging off towards Hillsborough via Blackskull.  The Vintage Rooms provided the perfect venue for us to regroup over a cup of coffee (and for some what appeared to be enough porridge to sustain a small family for a week).  The weather was very pleasant for this time of year – dry and not too cold, but with a strong wind.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, so a few extra miles were added into the route home, organised by our Chairman (the infamous Davy Cartmill) which saw the peloton roll out to Legacurry, before swinging back through Annahilt, Ballykeel, Kinallen and the Gall Bog Road.  At the end of the Gall Bog, the bunch split, with a few chasing miles for the Rapha Festive 500 and others keen to give weary legs a break.

I think it’s fair to say a great time was had by all. Thanks to Davy for organising and a special thanks to our visitors for joining us.

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