VCI Winter League 2019

Now that we’re officially into winter, the 2019 Winter League has kicked off. The goal of the Winter League is to encourage riders to stay on their bikes over the winter months. In previous years points have only been awarded for outdoor activities, however this year we have modified this to allow for turbo training sessions.  A lot of thought has gone into the points structure, with outdoor club spins scoring the most points.  Points will be awarded as follows:

    • Saturday/Sunday Club Spin:
    10 Points
    Hurt Locker (or other planned midweek club spin): 6 Points
    Solo Spin: 2 Points
    Turbo Session: 1 Point

Max. Points per Week (excl. Bonuses): 20 Points

There is no cap on points over Christmas Week (i.e. there are points on offer for anyone keen to complete the ‘Festive 500’)

Bonus/Penalty Points will apply – bonuses for halting a club run to help an old lady cross the road; penalties for splitting up a club run or not fitting mudguards.

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