Hurt Locker 2019/20

With the dark nights now upon us, that can mean only one thing – the return of winter training.  For many, this will involve countless hours spent on a turbo trainer, losing copious amounts of sweat.  However, for the hardier amongst us, the call of the outdoors is too strong – wrapped up in several layers of clothing they will mount their trusty steed – complete with mudguards and lights – and venture out into the darkness.

As if riding on a cold, dark night wasn’t appealing (or should that be appalling) enough, at VC Iveagh we decided to go a stage further and throw a few hills into the mix – enter the Hurt Locker!

Essentially, the Hurt Locker involves meeting at a pre-determined location and riding repeats of a hill.  Each week will involve an additional repeat and each month the location will change to a longer hill.  Riders are released using a handicap system, with the intention that all will reach the summit around the same time.  While this will obviously appeal to the competitive rider, it’s also a great form of training for the leisure riders in the club, as they can work at improving their own times without worrying about holding back any of the mountain goats.

This winter, the Hurt Locker will commence on Tuesday 15 October, meeting at 7pm in Banbridge.  Starting at Lidl on the Newry Road, the participants will cycle 0.9 miles out the Newry Road to the old shoe factory.  The first night will be 4 repeats.  Please contact Neil Seffen to be added to the club Whatsapp group for regular updates.


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