VCI Ripping it Up

Katesbridge Loop 15.5mile ITT

Round 6 in the BICRL was full blooded affair with our club riders looking to keep the moment of several good weeks now in both club level and open level racing. A little cooler than previous weeks and with  some light rain and wind, this was not enough to deter club enthusiasm. 46 competitors took part, of which VCI rolled out It’s dirty dozen (Richie, Gordy B, Gordy M, Davy, Brian, Colin, Ivan, Pete, JD, Neil, Mark, Scott ). With the club steadily building its reputation for fast TT’ers. there was plenty of fire power as the TT bikes were wheeled out.

Wet roads greeted most after passing showers did the tyre most to ruin the night, however the boys were good to go no matter the conditions.  Underway at 7pm and on a 15.5 mile route, that offered some perfect terrain for the strong trialists, riders began posting times in the high 30’s and low 40’s.

Only one rider failed to finish, reason unknown.

As part of the BICRL series this event had a pre determined format, on this occassion, the event was handicapped, with each club responsible for setting realistic targets for it’s own riders.

With the handicaps in place, BCC took a club win, with 7 out of top 8 places, a result that mirrors event 2 were they had 9 of top 10 in handicaps.  In terms of actual times,  the club can be proud as it was a much closer contest, with VCI first by a mere 8 places over BCC, whilst taking the top 4 times of the night).

Well done to all our club members. There were some outstanding performances, with riders known to be nursing injury, having missed weeks of riding on holiday and several with tired legs owing to huge commitment on the clubs behalf in open racing. Worth mentioning also was the ability of several to mix it with the very best on roadbikes that on paper should be disadvantaged. No mention of beer !

A big thank you to all the support staff for the event, who equally endured the weather. Special thanks to Ronnie, Kevin, Paul and Richard for the invaluable work and support, on a night that was owned by JD (John Davidson) who nailed the course with the best and top time of  the night at 37.20.

JD you are the man!

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