BICRL Kinallen RR -10 August

The Banbridge Inter Club Race League hostilities began again in earnest on Wednesday past (10 Aug), with a return to Kinallen for the second race on the circuit and event 5 of 8 in this year’s series.

With mixed weather and a promised Indian Summer still a fair bit away, this event would prove a little more testing than the last event, some 5 weeks earlier.

With many on holidays and a number of the more senior riders in the BCC ranks missing, an opportunity was identified to tilt the crown on what has been an impressive run in the series by BCC. It was open season in event 5. Starting into block 2, we were delighted to welcome PCC and KCC whom have merged as a 5th team for the second half of the league.

Much cooler and the weather a little less predictable, 57 took to the startle. As expected the weather would play a part for many and testtheir motivation to continue having lost the wheels in front. Of the total starters 38 finished, with several out to a minor crash. VCI had 12 riders spread across the groups (Richard, Ivan, Tim, Brian, Ritchie, Gordy B, Gordy M, Colin, Pete, Scott, JD and Neil) with several others assisting in marshaling (Linda and Ronnie).

Handicapped much tighter and using the first race as a measurement 5 groups went off at 0, +7, +14, +16 and +18 (a full lap+ for group 5).

By mid race and at the end of lap 3 the standings saw group 1 working well. The next group through at +6.45, group 3 at +11.02 and group 4 at +12.10. At this rate things looked good for the early starters

By mid race and at the end of lap 3 the standings saw group 1 working well. The next group through at +6.45, group 3 at +11.02 and group 4 at +12.10. At this rate things looked good for the early starter.

Taking over 3 mins out of the lead group each lap the main field had now swelled. This however broke momentum. With many of the weaker riders now submerged into one large group and unable to come thru for a turn at the front, this momentarily slowed progress and the potential of a catch.

At 1 mile out the lead group of 6 (Tim, Brian and Ivan) had a 1.15min lead and held it to contest the win. Taking the win in only his first race was Tim Dodds of VCI, a leisure rider at heart, but clearly the ability to mix it up in present company. VCI took a super 6 places in the top 16.which did their cause no harm what so ever. Only two clubs managed the team requirement of 8 with the other 3 taking penalties.

A great nights racing in tricky conditions saw BCC loose a perfect record of wins and some movement in the battle for second, which is now likely to go the distance. Lying 3 points behind TVR whom were second, a super result by all the guys meant 5 points and with TVRs poor performance, our ability to jump them by a meagre one point.


Massive applause to all 12 who rode earnestly for their club colours. In particular to Tim Dodds whom brought it home with huge support by both Ivan and Brian.

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