John Moore Memorial 2018

John Moore memorial hosted by Castlereagh cycling club took place on Sunday 22nd of July. This race had to be rescheduled and normally takes place at the start of the season. Taking part we had Colin in the A4 cat, Pete and Mark in the A3 cat and Neil in the A2 cat. The A4s had their own race early morning and after that was finished the A1-2-3 had their turn with a handicap in place between categories. Neil and Colin tell us how both races unfolded.

Thanks to Toby Watson and Castlereagh for the great pics!


Colin A4 race

Having been on holiday I was a bit more apprehensive of this race.  But with my time off I had been analysing my previous races and decided I needed to race this one and not just try and survive it.  The opening laps went off at a good pace and every lap I made my way further up the field.  I made more of a conscious effort to stay at the front and taking a few turns.  On the 5th lap Brian Hannon from BCC took off the front at a great pace and held it right till a few metres from a line.  I was towards the front at the end but was just not enough.  Lessons learned again.  On wards and upwards again hopefully.  I’d like to thank the club members for there continued tips, advice and support/encouragement.


Neil A1-2-3 race

The Castlereagh CC promoted John Moore Memorial race took place on Sunday 22nd July. Over an undulating course with an average speed of 42km/h for the 90kms of racing it was flat out from the start. The A3 group had a  4 minute advantage over the A2’s who had 1 minute over the A1’s. With all the groups coming together on the 4th of 8 laps, it was constant attacks of the front to establish a break away to avoid a bunch sprint finish. On the penultimate lap a group of 12 riders succeeded to get a gap of 2 minutes, with Jonto just failing to bridge across to this group on the last lap. Pete was a DNF after he attempted a solo breakaway early on in the race, with Neil just failing to lead out Jonto for the prize of unplaced A3 rider due to cramps on the closing 100meters. But another good weekends racing in the legs for BICL starting in 2 weeks.


Thanks to everyone at Castlereagh Cycling Club for putting on a great event.

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