Belated Acknowledgement

As a fellow contributor on the Club website, modesty has prevented Mark or Jonto to most, make comment or entry, regarding his recent race successes.

Most knowing Mark will agree he is one of the most hard working riders within the club, working hard at his training throughout the year with selfless commitment and always ready to commit to a good hard race within the CI Open race calendar. Of late the clubs had recent successes with the sprinting power of John Davidson gaining him well earned promotion to A3 and now Mark, on the back of 4 points gained a few weeks prior at Clogher Valley took the A4 Race win on the rolling hills of the Emyvale GP on 20 May. This gives Mark a further 8 points and leaves him now 1 point short of promotion to A3.


Congratulations to all our riders whom fly our club colours week in week out at what are always extremely tough competitions. That said lets stop and  give some worthy praise to hard earned success, of which many will agree was well overdue.

On this occasion, well done Mark on your win we hope is the first of many.

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