East Tyrone GP

The East Tyrone GP took place today with the club colours well represented. Those familiar with the route will know there’s a fair few rolling hills and kickers to test the legs around the 9mile circuit. First off was Ronnie in the Masters race, whom although dogged by mechanical issues was able to come home safely in the bunch with an average 36.8kmph.

In the A4 race we had our strongest field with 5 representing the club, Jonty, JD, Gordy B, Colin and Richie. As ever fast tempo from the off and the field well loosened up by midway and subsequently the finish. Yet again a mixed bag of results for the boys and some bad luck with positioning for JD when the chips are down for the final sprint. Still things are promising and without doubt given the right breaks, someone’s gonna land a prize. Pace around 36.6 to 37kmph.


Last out was Neil in the A1/2 race. Yet again a brutal encounter owing to a strong field and a stronger desire to win. With this being handicapped, the A2’s received a 2 min start, but unlike last week’s Killinchy GP the A1’s  knuckled down to chase the A2 field and a break of 5 with Des Woods. Boom went the race as the A1’s caught up mid race and it was all over for Neil and the A2 field as the A1’s ripped through.

Still all safely home and it’s onwards to the next event. Full results available through East Tyronne CC and the Belgian Project.

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