With a little under a week to go, the Spring Classic is back in 2018, with the route as hard as ever taking in many of the hardest hills around the Dromara foothills. Its a test at any speed, but this one,, no matter how long it takes to complete, afterwards you can allow yourself a little smugness and tilt your head slightly, close one eye and nod slowly, in the satisfaction of your achievement.

Two routes are on offer on this Belgian inspired classic, to suit both the experienced and the lesser experienced rider. This year however, we are going back to the basics, by keeping overheads down, to pass on a lesser priced event for participants. Though gimmicks have been largely removed you can still expect to be well looked after PRE DURING AND POST RIDE with the usual pampering of hot drinks and food to fuel or refuel your engine.

So why not join us on this spring classic inspired sportive on an Epic day were the Pro Peleton will tackle their own spring classic, the Paris – Roubaix. This is certainly a test and we hope its one you’ll join us for in mutual pain!

Entry cost is £10 up to a week or so before and goes up a little after that. For insurance, One day licenses are available for those without a CI license

Entry central is now closed.IMG-20180214-WA0005


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