St Patrick’s Race Weekend

With the opening races only just passed, its full on this weekend for most categories within the local open race scene, with races North and South for St Patricks weekend.


With the beast from the east rumoured to be coming back this weekend, it may again be the very hardest of conditions for those competitors brave enough to turn out. Representing the club this weekend at the local Derrymacash race on Saturday 17th are Mark Johnston, Gordy Brown, Colin Abernethy and Richie Gamble all at A4. This is Colin and Richies first open race andvno doubt you will join me in wishing them a safe passage, while they find test and sound out they’re abilities in what is a notoriously demanding race category. On Sunday 18th Neil will head south to Dunsany for a test at the Kilmessan GP. Returning north on Monday 19th BCC will host the rescheduled Annaclonne GP which was effected by snow just a few weeks ago. All 4 racing on the Saturday will be out again, so we wish them a speedy recovery on Sunday.

If your free or out and about why not show them your support and give them some encouragement whilst they fly the club colours.

Best wishes for a successful weekend to all.

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