Boyne GP 2018

Sunday 11th of March Mark and Neil headed south to take part in the Boyne GP hosted by Drogheda Wheelers, Below Mark tells us about the day.

With the snow delaying the start of race season which is usually the Annaclone GP and missing out on entry to the Haldane myself and Neil decided to head south to Slane for the Boyne GP.

As always with the Southern races you just turn up sign on and race no need to sit at a computer worrying about pre-entry.

It was an early start up at 6am loading the car and away for just after 7 to meet Neil at his house, sign on was 9am with roughly an hour travel time from Neil place.

Racing started for us at 10.30, the A2s started first then we had around 3-5 minutes before setting off behind them. Being the first race of the season i wasnt sure how id perform. The first 2 laps i suffered bigtime my legs hurt and i didnt know why, at the start of the 3rd lap they finally came round and i could start to enjoy it, trying a few breaks and attacks but nothing was sticking.

there was a steady enough climb of about 1.5 mile before it leveled out to the finish line, this is where the attacks were launched and hit at full gas each time round.

On the final lap of the climb i was sitting in a pretty good position inside the top 10-15 riders when a rider went down in front of me, i had to brake and swerve to miss the guy and sprint to get back on, i shot straight to the front which was a little earlier than i wanted to be, with the line in sight id nothing left from getting back on and just went as hard as i could finishing within the top 20.


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