Sports NI, Say Yes !

So what’s up, at Velo Club IVEAGH? – In 2017, having been made aware of a support program, which offered the opportunity for sports clubs and organisations, to apply for a defibrillator, Velo Club IVEAGH did so, but sadly were late to apply and as a result were unsuccessful. In 2018 however, things are very different, with Velo Club IVEAGH having been successful after a second application and now able to support future events with a valuable aid to providing life support.

So what’s this all about? – Well, this is a Sports NI backed scheme, which seems to occasionally invite applications, through a “Defibrillators for Sport Programme”, those successful are then presented with the equipment and given training on its use by the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS)


For us as a club, we were made aware by an observant club member, that a second window for application in this financial year, had been or was about to open in early January. As a result an application was prepared and submitted in good time (16 January) with confirmation of success given just a few days ago, meaning the process took around 5 weeks.

So what equipment has been provided and how will this be best utilised? – The equipment is a portable electronic device, HeartSine Sam (Samaratin) 360p and is a fully automated external defibrillator (AED) that diagnoses the life threatening cardiac arrhythmias of ventricular fibrillation. Its intended the Velo Club IVEAGH will now seek to have several trained in its use and the equipment now used in support of all club events/activities, in particular at our club race events and at our Sportive’s.  Other larger group rides may be supported, but only were we are vehicle supported.


Furthermore, it is intended to provide the equipment where possible, to other local clubs in support similar of events.

So what training is required and when’s the equipment available? – The equipment is now in our possession, however, we are reluctant to use the equipment until trained to do so. Its hoped that by doing so, this will both ensure the equipment is used correctly and less likely to become damaged, but more importantly, that any potential recipient is correctly treated and the user covered by training and thus potential indemnity.

Appreciation? –   Our thanks are gratefully extended to Sports NI for they’re endorsement and validation of our application and the very generous provision of a key aid to life support, within any first aid kit. Our thanks also to the NIAS for they’re support in providing future training.

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