L’Etape du Tour 2018


Most within Velo Club IVEAGH and many outside are aware of Mervyn McKeown and his ambitions to find new challenges. In 2017 he travelled to France and took part in what most would refer to in amateur cycling, as a “bucket list” challenge, when he rode and completed a sportive over the infamous, Paris to Roubaix Pavé. This was to light a fuse and since then Mervyn has gone on to discus with fellow members other options he would be looking at in the future.

In 2018 having already signed up, Mervyn will take part in the notoriously hard L’Etape du Tour.  This involves a mass start ride, of over 169 km and over 4,000 m of climbing, over what will be Stage 10 of this years Tour de France. Mervyn has set a bold target time of 6 to 7 hours and hopes to be given a reasonable starting position, to help towards his goal.

Mervyn has sought to use this opportunity and use his sweat and tears to help raise money if possible towards a very worthy cause and has recently opened a “My Donate page” to raise money for the Air Ambulance Northern Ireland. In his words “God forbid but they could come in handy if things went wrong one day”. The Air Ambulance charity needs to raise over £2 million in charitable donations each year, to provide their life saving service, which is called upon on a daily basis.

Any support you could give would be much appreciated and will hopefully make each mile traveled by Mervyn and each metre climbed just that little bit more worthwhile and easier. My Donate is run by BT and take no commission, 100% of your donation will go to Air Ambulance NI, more if you can Gift Aid. Links below are for Mervyns my donation page, NI Air Ambulance, My Donate and L’Etape du Tour.

We hope to keep you informed on his progress and wish him all the very best of luck.


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