Sofa to Saddle, We’re In, Are You?

After a successful 2017, where upon VC Iveagh took part in the first running of the Sofa to Saddle scheme, in April of this year, VC Iveagh will once again take part as a host club within this years Sofa to Saddle in association with ABC Council. The idea and concept is to offer a structured and progressive cycling program, suitable for all. The end goal again, is for the participants to complete a  sportive of around 45 miles, as organised by the ABC Council. This year training will begin around the 11 April and involve 9 weeks lead up to the sportive on Sunday 17th June.

In 2017 our club program was led by Mervyn McKeown and resulted in 9 participants who  took part in the scheme and went on to become full members within the club. We would hope to replicate this in 2018 and warmly welcome and encourage any new cyclists to strongly consider the scheme as a bright start to cycling and equally to consider the option of taking part within the support and assistance offered by VC Iveagh

Already as a club, we have formulated a progressive program for participants and are ready to go. Our program will take those taking part, through various introductions to cycling equipment and the considerations required before heading out on the road. Following on we cover basic cycling skills in a controlled environment, including road safety,  positioning, group communication and hand signals. Rides will begin with shorter rides and increase in length and duration throughout the 9 weeks, to assist in building strength, endurance and confidence. For further information please contact our club on or contact the ABC Council through the Sofa to Saddle advertising. Entry into the program is directed by ASC Council and not directly through participating host clubs. As ever we thank you for your support.

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