CLUB Welcome

Whilst reeling from intermittent flurries of snow and icy cold weather, 2018 is well underway with many already targeting the early season road races or simply building up the miles after the off season associated with the Christmas break.

Planning done and a reasonably full calendar of events, its hoped the club will go forward in good spirit and camaraderie. As with all clubs and organisations there has been some movement out and some movement in. Whilst we wish the few having left the very best of wishes in whatever direction they turn, we wish to focus on those joining us, with the warmest of welcomes to all.

Joining us after having joined us for  several years of participation in our club events, we would like to welcome Colin Abernethy, Richard Yarr, Johnny Kyle and Gordy McAvoy.

Having left SMCC on good terms, All 4 well known to most of us within our race side, join bringing both leisure and club level racing experience. All are very welcome and we look forward to they’re participation and craic on both future club rides and in participation in our race scene

Colin, Richard, Johnny and Gordy, your all very welcome and we all look forward to your company and a few turns on the front in the wind lol. See you on the road soon.

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