Mudguards – Cool or Uncool

With the time of year the roads are usually always wet and dirty making bike rides a little less enjoyable. Having a decent set of mudguards fitted on your winter warrior can make all the difference.

If you’ve never used mudguards you’ll be surprised at how much water and dirt they keep off. For any new members to the club that haven’t yet purchased mudguards here is a short guide to what i think you shout be buying.

If your a no mudguard person cycling on a dry day on wet roads you will have no doubt got wet dirty feet and a wet rear end, and you’ll be sporting the ‘dirt strip’ up your back, not to mention if your out in a group ride the person behind you wont be all that happy.

Mudguards not only keep your feet and rear dry they also keep your bike cleaner and stop that dirty/mucky water flicking up into the face of your fellow club mate who is very unlucky to be behind you.


There are many different types of mudguards out there but in my personal opinion a full length set front and rear are a must, with a ‘mate flap’ on the rear like in the picture below, this stops the flick off the road onto the person behind you.


Now i know people will have issues with clearance on there bikes but there is also mudguards designed to help with this like the ones pictured below, sks raceblades and raceblades long, both long at the back and with the mate flap at the rear.

Now for the mudguards we wouldn’t recommend, these type may be good at keeping your own arse dry but as for mates behind you its just like cycling without one on at all. Also i think they look horrendous and ruin the whole look of a bike! ! Sorry if your reading this and you have one of these strapped to your seat post!

So to answer the question are mudguards cool or uncool, if you go for the more traditional full length mudguard i think they are a cool addition to your training bike and you wont upset any fellow club mates on the next coffee spin!


Mark Johnston



2 thoughts on “Mudguards – Cool or Uncool

  1. Definitely a ‘must’ at this time of year & a friend flap is also needed…either that or sit at the back & have less of a training effect sitting on the front!


  2. Mudguards are the ultimate in cool. It shows you care enough about maintaining your expensive cycling kit, your comfort, your bike components and your club mates comfort to take the time to expertly fit full length mudguards and have them perfectly adjusted for minimal road spray. Riding in mucky winter weather without them is akin to a warrior going into battle without their shield.

    They are a sign of a true winter hardened club cyclist!


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