Winter Bikes – Kinesis T2

With summer gone and winter weather almost here many riders around the country will be clearing out the rubbish in the corner of the garage to find the ‘winter bike’.


Winter bikes to many people are ancient old bangers from years ago with cheap parts that are only pulled out when the weather is rubbish. I have heard club mates go as far as saying they hate their winter bike! My way of thinking however is completely different, why spend hours a week training on an old banger that you hate? If I hated my winter bike it would put me off training altogether!

In my opinion you should love to ride your winter bike it will make general riding and  training so much better, I would go as far as saying I like riding my winter bike more than any other bike I have!

I tend not to call it my winter bike as I ride it all year round, it’s simply my training bike. The frame of choice is from Kinesis and is called the Racelight T2, aluminium frame and a carbon fork with clearance for wider tyres and full length mudguards,  described by as a cheerful-to-ride bike that helps make winter training, commuting or audaxes fun…..the aren’t lying!!

Mine is kitted out with Shimano Ultegra 6800 11 speed, the wheels were custom built by the Steamtrain Shilliday, we wanted something bomb proof and not to heavy, we decided to go with Miche Hubs and Kinlin rims, 24 spoke front and 28 rear they come in around 1750g and after over a year of riding I haven’t had to touch them, they still run true and straight! The only thing I’ve had to change on the bike is a gear cable and a set of tyres. finishing kit is kinesis own carbon seatpost with deda stem and bars, brakes are also from Miche with koolstop salmon pads.


Kinesis has since updated the T2 and now call it the T3, they have changed from 7005 to 6061 alloy, saving around 200g of metal over the T2. The T3 gets a tapered headset and It uses their carbon Tracer fork. An upgrade may be on the cards next year ;)!!



Mark Johnston


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