Keevan Autumn Classic

Saturday 9th of September we had members Mark Johnston and Gordon Brown taking part in Keevan CCs Autumn Classic A4 and Ladies open race. This was a brand new race for this season and consisted of 9 laps of a 4.6 mile course which was fairly flat.

Rider Mark Johnston give his account of the race.



Unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side, we signed on around 9.15 and it was dry but that didn’t last long about 9.30 the rain started and it never really let up the entire race. It didn’t dampen the spirits of the A4s and ladies and after the safety brief we rolled out behind the lead car to the start line. Being fairly flat the racing was non stop although the overall speed was effected by the weather with poor visibility and everyone being extra careful in the corners. On lap 6/7 the rain was very heavy and spray from the road left it very hard to see , there was a touch of wheels on the 2nd to last lap before the last left hander which i narrowly missed and had to chase back on to the bunch. On the last lap just before the finish there was a small drag up past the Rink, the pace was very high as everyone wanted to get into that last left hander first, not only to stay safe but to get good position, the drag had killed me and i lost the wheel in front, there was no point chasing back on as it was to late so i just sat up and rolled over the line.

Thanks goes to Keevan CC for hosting the event and for the food afterwards, soup was a great call after getting soaked, and as ever Sharon McFarland for the pictures.

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