The Iveagh 50 – Almost Upon Us

With the Iveagh 50 this coming Sunday (3rd) we have been working hard behind the scenes to see that the event runs smoothly and safely.

We will have motorcycle riders and Marshalls along the routes to keep things safe and there will also be signs at junctions to keep you on the right track.

like below.


There will be 2 broom wagons, one for the short route and one for the longer route in case anyone gets a mechanical, if for some reason you cannot continue the broom wagon will return you to the Rugby club.

St Johns ambulance will also be there in case anyone was to fall ill, they will follow behind the cyclists on the day so if anything was to happen they aren’t to far away.

We also have emergency contact cards which will be available to lift at sign on –

like below

vci emergency numbers

Early sign on closes on entry central on Thursday the 31st of August and this will be your last chance to get the entry at the reduced cost – follow the link below to sign up!

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