Responsibilities, Obligations

Know your Obligations

All Clubs and Organisations are required to (or at minimum encouraged to) employ regulated best working practices to avoid inefficiencies and avoid unnecessary risk. Recent activity within the Clubs Committee has included a review of our current practices, in particular during the running of club events.

Play your Part

As a result the club was deemed to be in good general health, though as a precaution to assist in avoiding complacency, reminders were deemed necessary for both Competitor and Marshal alike. Both must work together to ensure a safe event environment and this can only be achieved through cooperation and understanding..

Safety First

A Marshals Brief and Competitors Brief is now included on our web site and we encourage all to read through the associated responsibilities and obligations..

Enjoy Your Sport

Both competitor and Marshal are also reminded of the legal requirement for signing on prior to participating in an event and also the necessity of having a corresponding Cycling Ireland License at the correct level for participation.

We very much welcome all participants and actively encourage a positive attitude of safety first.

Looking forward to continued support and friendships


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