Club Summer League

Notice to all Members

The Club Summer League will return this year as of 1st of July and will run to the 30th of September. It’s purpose is to encourage, acknowledge and reward club participation and commitment.

As per previous years, Points will be scored and accumulate over the notified period with the eventual winner presented a trophy at the annual awards.

Scoring will be regularly maintained on a leader board with the points awarded as follows
10 points for Wednesday night rides and also Thursday night club races (marshals will also receive the 10 points).
20 points for the longer Saturday and Sunday rides.
20 points will also be awarded to those representing the club at Open races or on charity sportives.

Club kit must be worn to score, however dispensation is granted to newer members.

Although this is just a bit of fun, as cyclists we all know how competitive we can become, therefore to avoid duels at dawn, can I remind all that rides must be completed and points will not be awarded for partial rides (within reason) or simply for turning up.

The Club Secretary will confirm meeting places and start times. Hope to see you all involved and on the road.

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