15 Mile ITT 18 May 17

After a day of heavy thundary showers and a moody sky around 6pm, those committed to endure were treated to blue sky’s for the first of our mid range tests. Dry yet with damp roads and a potentially slippery surface, our 21 competitors took the start with a headwind first 6 miles and a changeable tail wind over the next 9 as the route wound back to the finish.

With a sizable marshalling bill, at club level we saw a reduction in competitors. Numbers as ever where made up by the support of local clubs, In particular Apollo CT and Clann Erieann, Dromore and SMCC.

Fastest on the night was the very capable Thomas Martin whom displayed a great performance to come home first, by an impresdive 42seconds. Second on the night was Gavin Magowan whom displayed great strength and tenacity to compete without the use of his rear cassette, owing to a snapped cable pre race.

First home for VC IVEAGH was Neil Steffen, whom for this week at least put the rising form of MARK Johnston on a leash. Full reports in the accompanying sections.

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