The Groucho GP

Saturday 6th of May VCI had riders in all categories of racing at the Groucho GP in Richill. The sun was shinning but there was quite a bit of wind around. Under blue skys all categories rolled out from the Groucho bar with differing race distances and  2 different finishing lines. The A4 and Masters had 5 laps with the finish at the top of a long drag and the A2/3 race had 7 laps and finished up a very steep climb back up to the Groucho Bar.
Mark Johnston
“The A4 race started off fairly fast but I felt comfortable staying within the top 20 riders for the first 2 laps, after this I hadn’t seen any of my team mates so I dropped back to make sure all was ok, William was comfortable, Johnny was having a tough day with what appeared to be cramps due and would eventually  withdraw on the last lap with Gordy. A few breakaways were tried but nothing really stuck and each attempt would be reeled back in. With the long drag to the finish, I knew it wouldn’t suit me. but with nothing to loose I gave it a good go. Myself and William eventually finishing in the bunch, in yet another hard fought and testing race.
All in all a very good circuit, a safe and well marshalled race and so my thanks to the organiser Orchard CC”
Neil Seffen.
“Last year it was freezing rain & this year it was the factor 50 sun cream. The only thing predictable about the Groucho GP is that it’s a bloody hard race!   The old adage that ‘it’s better to have tried & failed; than never tried at all’ rang true today. Break away after break away after break away was the nature of this years race & eventually on the last lap it stuck.   And it happened to be,  that this was the only one the VCI guys missed. With Josh Daly in electric form, the guys decided to ride as best they could for him with the uphill finish sprint suiting him. However a Dromara duo managed to slip off the front of the break away & claim a brilliant 1-2 finish. Josh finished the best of the VCI riders, with the rest finishing in a bunch that was spread all over the Mur de Richill by a couple of minutes!”

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