Event Notice

The next event in our club race calendar will take place on the Plantation Road, between Gilford and Lurgan. Sign on again is once more from 6.30pm with the first rider off sharp at 7.00pm.

Notice to Competitors

Over the past month or so race events at club level have started, with most clubs involved at some level  in either singular or joint race league series. With cycling continue to grow and with an appetite for racing growing in parallel, this has meant that other road users are finding more and more disruption owing to race cycling. Feedback is often negative and we have, like most clubs experienced confrontation from frustrated motorists, who rightly state we have no authority to close roads or stop traffic.  This is a very sensitive area and one that is a growing issue.  With this in mind, and reports of riders at other club race events making particularly dangerous manoeuvres and failing to heed warnings, we wish to remind our competitors of the risks.

All competitors take part at their own risk and are totally responsible for their actions, decisions and manoeuvres during the event. Marshals are there to assist as best they can and will attempt to stop traffic to allow a clean manoeuvre for competitors. As previously stated however they have no authority.. Riders must take responsibility for their manoeuvres.  Riders are advised not to risk all for a good event time and heed warnings by marshals and or other road users.  Loosing several seconds is preferential to loosing a life, please bare in mind and acknowledge the following existent hazzards outside our control:

Other Road Users/Vehicles – May stop suddenly to turn, May refuse to stop at turn, Overtaking to close, Stopped on road.

Farm Vehicles – turning in or out of fields, Moving slowly

Poor Road Surfaces – Uneven, Loose Gravel, Pot Holes

Slippery Surfaces – Oil/Diesel Spills, Loose Gravel

Animals – Dogs in built up areas

Please be reassured that we wish to work positively with other road users and wish to promote a safe environment for all.


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