Weekend Activity

Its another busy weekend for the race core within Velo Club IVEAGH, with club members riding in both the Lakeland GP in Enniskillen (Sat 22) and the Mid Ulster GP (Sun 23)outside Cookstown.


Riding the Lakeland GP A4 Race William Strain and Davey Cartmill and in the A3 Race Josh and Scott Daly. In the Mid Ulster GP A4 race Mark Johnston, Johnny Burns and John Davidson with the A1-3 Race Neil Seffen.


Also taking place today was another ride within our Sofa to Saddle contribution. For those unaware, this has been a venture in collaboration with the Craigavon Borough Council  whereupon new cyclists/riders receive supervision assistance and support from club members. Meeting in Scarva today, under the supervision of our club secretary Mervyn McKeown and ably assisted by Kevin and Brian Halliday we had 7 of those taking part, going off for some steady miles towards the Terryhogan Lock. After some steady group miles a split was organised to compensate for the difference in abilities. Mervyn held the main group together, whilst Brian headed off at a slightly quicker pace with those a little further advanced. Already there has been much improvement and we hope with that the confidence to continue towards the collective goal. (for further details on Sofa to Saddle http://www.craigavonactivity.org/abc-community-health-initiative/cycling/couch-to-60k-and-beyond)

Updates to follow


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