Iveagh Spring Classic KOM & QOM

As part of the Iveagh Spring Classic, most will recall that pre event advertising and a pre start announcement was given to inform participants that a Segment using Strava was to be set. With many options, on this occasion we used the Slievenaboley Road, on the approach to Windy Gap. The aim was to create a little combativity for both a KOM and QOM T Shirt winner.

The distance was 1 Km with an elevation gain of 89 m, thus the average gradient was recorded at 8.9%. With 734 attempts on this segment of road (all time ) and over 105 attempts this year, our KOM was taken with a time of 4.12 and our QOM 5.39.  Respectively these were the 3rd fastest and 41st fastest times this year.  Our KOM winner is Mark Atkinson (Please note that it does not show on table due to having been recorded on private, however we have saw screenshot proof and can provide on request). Our QOM winner is Karen Hendron of Apollo CT.

Congratulations to both. Arrangements are now being made to handover the prizes as quickly as possible.

Again we would like to thank all those who took part for their support.

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