Killinchy GP (A4) Win for Josh Daly

There was a silver lining for Velo Club IVEAGH today, amongst the showers that threatened the Killinchy GP.  With 8 riders competing and our biggest turn out to date, we had 6 in the Category A4 level (Gordy, Josh, Mark, Davy, Mark and Junior) and 2 at Category A2 (Neil, Dan). With a tough circuit to contend with, each race went about its business of thinning out the field over the bumps, with the pace kept high throughout.


With a number of strong performers now within our A4 ranks, its fair to say there’s now a little depth, ability and potential.  And with interest in racing continuing to rise within the club and our riders showing good early promise, it was felt that a good result was never going to be far away. Today it was delivered.


Josh Daly came through today with a fine win, taking the chequered flag with some room to spare.  On a coarse that suited Josh and on the back of a short break from racing and a trip to Portugal, Josh put his climbing strength to good use taking the clubs first Road Race win at Open Level.  At the same time having been one point short of promotion in 2016, Josh gains promotion to A3 were we hope he will join his brother Scott.  A massive well done Josh, most richly deserved.

“As a VCI member it was great to watch. Every time the race passed me, another VCI man was looking strong at the front” W Strain

Elsewhere our riders finished with the main fields,in another good day for Velo Club IVEAGH.

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