NI Biomechanics fit

Today (Saturday 25th) was the third bike fit session for velo club IVEAGH in association with NI Biomechanics.

As before each rider was allocated a 60min slot in which to work within. Each rider was then asked to bring the chosen bike in relation to the fitting,  along with shorts and cycling shoes. On today’s rotation we had one TT bike and the rest road bikes.

Like most other similar set ups, the fitting is based largely around the technicians expertise and knowledge. A simple turbo trainer is used along with a number of cameras to record movement and take stills for fitting diagnosis. The media is then transfered onto laptop, were software is then used to look at body pitch, posture, movement and positional angles within grided overlays.

Having met Leo from NI Biomechanics  for the first time today,  I was suitably impressed by his knowledge, manner and willingness to pass on important and key information regarding the benefits of correct positioning. Leo  takes the time initially to assess each rider with regards to their physical limitations and listens to what is wanted by the rider and his or her choice of riding (Competitive, leisure sportive etc). Numerous measurements are taken, with tweeks made and the rider repositioned on the bike for remeasurement and observation. Within the sport margins are always fine between average and high performance potential and as such it was reassuring to see Leo’s attention to detail. Finishing off, all measurements are taken and recorded with adice given towards any remedial action needed  or unable to be carried out, whether due to bike modification requirements or physical application.

Leo”s work is certainly recommended and it is worthy to note that working out of Belfast, he holds qualifications and a clinic in physiotherapy. Without doubt it is well worth a correct fitting, which will go a long way towards reducing potential and unnecessary stress injuries whilst at the same time achieving performance gains, the critical requirement for so many.

NI Biomechanics are easily found on the Internet and can be trusted to give you the support you would expect. Our thanks Leo for your continued support.





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