VC IVEAGH 2017 Race League

With many now immersed in preparational training for the 2017 Open Race season, its time to look at the 2017 domestic club challenges, for those yet to formulate and engage in the hard grounding miles needed for success.

Foremost though, is the need to remind and notify all that the requirement to participate at club race level is a Limited Competition Cycling Ireland License. This year the cost of which is £60 plus an £8 Ulster provincial fee. For membership assistance please contact the club secretary.

So, after a successful season in 2016 where 12 events were hosted in our race calendar and over 70 riders from 14 clubs participated in our visitors league, we have now laid the foundations for the VC Iveagh 2017 Race League.

Our seasonal format stays largely the same for 2017, with a primary race league for club members and a secondary (non-handicapped) race league for our visiting riders. Both leagues will run simultaneously using the same events, which will be listed and updated in our calendar page. Results will be posted throughout the year, with a leader board available to keep abreast of league positioning.

Currently plans are shaping up to provide another healthy mix of challenges for participants over a variety of disciplines, distances and terrain. Points and rules will be included in the relevant race pages, with changes, notifications and or updates to be added as they occur.

Two race events will not be included in the league points, the Aussie Pursuit and a 4 Man TTT. These events are included in our calendar to broaden our race spectrum and increase our riders enjoyment and experience. Again, details will be promulgated in due course


So with notification now given and around 14 weeks to the start of our season, we encourage the hard work  to start in earnest to see another great season of competitive racing.

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