VC Iveagh 2016 Awards Night

How quickly a year rolls around, it’s hard to believe VC Iveagh are now within their third year of existence and getting stronger year on year. With the end 2016 just around the corner and 2017 very much on the horizon it was time again to host the annual Christmas dinner and VC Iveagh award ceremony, once more held in Rice’s Hotel, Poyntzpass.

As per last year the restaurant was filled to capacity with the good and great (the great of course being the ladies) of VC Iveagh and the camaraderie was amazing. This is a club built on the ethos of togetherness and for three years running the club has pulled together to achieve so much, it was our host, the imperious David Cartmill who reminded us all what a strong club this is and urged us all to push that little harder for ‘Bigger Things’.

Early on in the formation of VC Iveagh a conscious decision was made not to have awards or trophies relating to every aspect of the club, it makes the event meaningless, rather we would only recognize those who went above and beyond for the club, be it race based results or charity achievements. This of course meant all those winners on the night earned their awards through hard earned guts, determination and dedication to the VC Iveagh cause.

The first award of the evening was the ‘Cromie Cup’, this represented the overall winner of our Sportive League, a hard fought league that accumulated points for every mile gained throughout the summer. Once again this trophy was won by that millage juggernaut and of course Mr. nice guy Brian Halliday.

It was then swiftly onto the ‘Race League Cup’ which represents the overall winner of our internal VC Iveagh Race League. As always this is an extremely hard fought league with points accumulated at every race the guys participate in. It says everything you need to know about the club that a new member who only got into cycling a few years ago took the accolades, none other than the powerhouse that is Gordon Brown. That legendary inclusiveness and our Wednesday night club runs are most certainly paying off.

Next up was the Eric Woods Rider of the Year. What can I say about this category other than it’s so hotly competitive that I’ve no doubt the winner should be nominated for sports personality of the year. With every event throughout the calendar year taken into consideration and so many new and powerful riders it was always going to be wide open. However, one man emerged from the crowd posting personal bests in nearly every event and finishing an amazing 3rd on stage three of the Newry Three Day, that rider was the one and only ‘Rocket’ Neil Seffen.

Our final and some would say most coveted award was the Energy Answers Clubman of the Year. This award is voted for by all VC Iveagh members and goes to the individual who has gone above and beyond for the club. This award isn’t just about race results or competitive points gained throughout the season but rather it’s an accumulation of everything achieved in front of and behind the scenes. Once again this was a very tight call as so many members stepped up to the mark and went that extra mile, but one man stood that little taller, this year’s Clubman of the Year went to the juggernaut, Brian Halliday.


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