Cold Weather Riding

With the cold weather taking a firm grip currently and not expected to let up, can we remind all, to take all possible measures to stay safe on the road.Black ice is currently a serious threat, on all roads including main gritted routes. Unexpected areas of freezing fog are also causing localized danger, with reduced visibility. Accidents causing injury are generally exasperated at this time of year owing to the cold. The following tips are posted for consideration before and during your winter ride

1. Ensure bike is well maintained, (mud guards fitted during group rides).  Lights working.

2. Fit winter tyres. More grip,disperse water better, more puncture resistant.

3. Ensure appropriately dressed to protect yourself from the elements (cold and wet).

4. If possible delay your ride to allow every possible chance of a light thaw.

5. Stay out from the verge, were roads are less likely to be treated.

6. Stay off secondary roads.

7. Remain vigil for changing road conditions, due to shade.

8. Ensure you have working lights available on all rides in case of freezing fog.

9. Be aware of traffic congestion behind.

10. Stay off the roads in snow.

In the worst of conditions, training can very easily be continued using Turbo Trainer’s, Rollers, Smart Trainer’s, Spinning Studio’s and or replaced or supplemented with Gym core training. Stay bright, stay smart and stay safe.


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