Final Race Tables

Our final Race League Tables have now been posted over on the results page. The final tables come with our thanks to our league sponsors for 2016, Rices Hotel Poyntzpass, our competitors and all our marshals and admin supporting staff that gave us their time throughout the season. We drew our season to a close in early September, in this our third year of club racing. Development from previous seasons saw an increased programme of events, a little more of mix in the disciplines and the inclusion this year of a visitors league for those attending from other clubs. In total we had over 70 visiting riders from over a dozen local clubs join us to compete in our visitors competition throughout the year and we thank them all for their spirit and friendship.

A number of small changes were made to facilitate legality and rider safety, changes we hope detracted little from our seasonal plans and rider enjoyment. However, largely events went to plan with a variety of disciplines and venues used to test both club members and visitors alike in a race for points that would ultimately lead to a seasonal Champion for the Race Leagues.

Leadership in both tables changed regularly throughout the year and was similar to previous seasons, in that it was extremely tight at the top and went right to the last race.  However as many will no doubt recite, cream will ultimately rise to the top!
In the Club standings, making a massive impression right from the first event our winner and champion for 2016 is Gordon Brown. Gordon from a running background and in his first year with the club, joined primarily to build on his fitness and suppliment his other activities of running and duathlon. However it was clear right from the start that the big man had some talent and was a powerhouse well capable of holding his own. Gordon becomes this years champion with some solid performances and PB’s along the way. Simon Keery was second having consistent throughout the season with his position strongly related to his excellence in the ITT discipline. Narrowly beatten Simon will no doubt be back next year to chase down a final position, one place higher. It would be unfair not to mention our third placed rider whom now boasts a win and top 3 in each year of our league table. Neil Seffen third this year, has had a massive year of competition both at club and open level. Neil gained the points necessary to upgrade to A2 this year, whilst at the same time supporting our club events and assisting other members with advice and encouragement. Massive well done to all three and to all our members who took part in spirit and friendship.

In the Visitors table things were a little less predictable with visiting riders displaying strong performances, coming and going on an irregular basis. The lead changed several times, but after all events had been concluded and with a valuable and leadership defining ride in the last event it was Davy McKnight of TVR who took the top spot over an ever present Colin Abernethy of SMCC, Lisburn.  Again our thanks to all guests for their friendship, support and camaraderie.

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