Gilford Club Road Race 18 Aug 16

Dull but dry with a mild swirling breeze were the conditions for those signing on for this late season club race. 5 loops of 5 miles, on this mildly undulating circuit were the challenge and being well known and a favourite for many locals, this fast circuit had 31 entrants sign on with visitors welcomed from Apollo, ASEA, BCC, NW, PCC, Shimna, WDW and SMCC.

As is normal with club level racing, the event had riders grouped according to known or perceived ability and handicapped by timed group intervals to hopefully even the race for all. 5 groups (Gp) were formed up with Gp 1  preliminary, Gp 2 club LC, Gp 3 A4 level, Gp 4 A3 level and Gp 5 Scratch A2/A1 level.

Gp 1 got things underway with the clock at 0 with Gp 2 departing on 1 min, Gp 3 left on 4 min,  with Gp 4 (only 2 riders) at 6 min and Gp 5 at 11 min.  Right from the end of lap 1 when all lap times were in, aided by the size of the group, it was clear even with a formidable Scratch group of Roger Aiken, Davy McKnight, James Curry and our own Neil Seffen to name but a few, this race would be all about group 3. scratch had simply been given too much to do on a fast circuit. Like a runaway steam train Gp 3 took a firm grip of things and stormed the race with great group marshaling of changeovers by an ever present Tim Beattie of TVR.

With laps running out group 3 hoovered up group 1 and 2 by mid lap 4. And with scratch taking back between 25 and 51 secs per lap, it was clear that this was never enough. So with the hard work done the approach to the finish saw a group sprint with the merits on the night going to a most worthy winner Gavin Clarke of TVR, with Darren Lyness second and Josh Daly a close third.  Great racing went on throughout and we extend our appreciation to all those whom have supported this event both as competitor and marshal whom without we could not continue. Lap times below with race results to follow on respective pages.

Gp    Lap 1   Lap 2   Lap 3  Lap 4  Lap 5

1       13.10    12.55    13.30   12.35   Unc

2       13.20   13.20    12.15   12.20  Unc

3       12.05    12.05   11.40   12.20  12.25

4       13.10    13.15    13.15    12.55   Unc

5       11.40    11.40   11.38    11.37   11.34




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