Newry 3 Day

In the short history of VC Iveagh, we are now at a stage of being able to compete in one of the three stage races promoted in Ulster; the Newry 3 Day (1st – 3rd July).


180 miles of hard racing spread over three stages, taking in the fast flats of the Co.Down coastline to the mountains of Mourne.


The three riders representing VC Iveagh are Dan Gordan, Scott Daly and Neil Seffen, with Neil and Dan having ridden the 3 Day before representing different clubs.  The guys have no doubt been putting in the preparation over the last five months.  Between them they have competed in 17 open races (not including club races or TT’s) and registering almost 10,000 miles on strava.


With the race taking a similar format to previous years, the Friday night will suit Dan who has placed in the top 10 in several races this year and the climbing ability of Scott should come to the fore on Saturday, leaving Neil to chance his arm in a breakaway. VC Iveagh wish all the guys the very best of luck and we as a club are extremely excited to be taking part in this prestigious event.

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