2UP Time Trial

There is an air of excitement amongst the VC Iveagh ranks, the days are getting noticeably longer, the winter chill is  slowing dissipating and as it fades so grows the excitement that is the VC Iveagh Race Season. The season kicks of this Thursday with a 2UP TT on the Rathfriland Road, Banbridge and the timing could not have been better. There is always a lot of excitement pre-race season and this year is no exception with an unprecedented number of members taking out race licenses. Twelve events have been listed on our 2016 calendar, which basically equates to two events per month so we have a plethora of races for VC Iveagh and all other club riders to get their teeth into.

With several time trials, four road races and an obligatory hill climb we have something for pretty much everyone. It is a testament to our ‘Bun Runs’ and ‘Wednesday Night Club’ that we have unearthed a pool talented new riders, not only guys ready willing and able to race but already turning out great results. VC Iveagh will always strive to be a club for all comers and never limited ourselves to just one genre but we definitely do encourage all VC Iveagh members to give the racing a go. Competitive? Yes, fun? Damn straight.

So make sure you have the license up to date, bike tuned beyond perfection and come join us this Thursday for the start of our race season.

07/04/2016 10m 2UP TT Rathfriland RD, Banbridge
21/04/2016 10m TT Castlewellan RD, Banbridge
05/05/2016 10m TT Plantation RD, Gilford
19/05/2016 15m TT Rathfriland/Castlewellan RD
28/05/2016 10m Open TT Champs Co. Down Championship
09/06/2016 18m Aussie Pursuit Gilford/Lurgan Circuit
23/06/2016 25m Road Race Gilford Circuit
14/07/2016 10m TT Plantation RD, Gilford
23/07/2016 Hill Climb TBC
04/08/2016 25m Road Race Loughbrickland Circuit
18/08/2016 25m Road Race Gilford/Tandragee Circuit
01/09/2016 10m TT Rathfriland RD, Banbridge

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