Club v Pro : Part 2

head to head 2

Once again we take a look at the minefield that is ‘statistics’ with our Club v Pro feature, this time in the form of Chain Reaction Cycles An Post rider Ryan Mullan. We had such a great response to the last one it was only right to return and have another look once the season was well underway. VC Iveagh’s Neil ‘Rocket’ Seffen has taken a look at his stats in the recent John Moore Memorial race compared to Mullen while he was racing the Mallorca Challenge Series. Below Neil sums up the differences and posts the statistics, kudos Mr Seffen.

The differences for the stats this time are not because I’m starting to get my race legs, but probably due to the fact that Ryan Mullan was away on a solo break for over half the stage. The stage in question took him over some mountainous terrain, whereas I was rolling through the A3 group that was trying to stay away from a hard chasing group of domestic A1-2 riders, never easy. This group had a few guys thrown in that have stepped up to pro-continental level so the pace was pretty fast. Mullan had the power down 100% of the time whereas I was only putting the power down while trying to stay in touch with the A1 riders every other minute, needless to say Mullan is a pure wattage cottage in comparison.

John Moore Memorial GP (Carryduff) vs Mallorca Challenge Series (Event 2)

Neil Seffen         vs            Ryan Mullen

(79kgs/180cms)                                (77kgs/189cms)

Data range VCI Club Rider Pro Rider Ryan Mullen
  Average Max Average Max
Speed 24.5 43.8 25.7 49.4
Heart Rate 163 178 160 193
Cadence 92 145 88 191
Power 256 1,026 317 1,981
Distance   55.7   92.8
Moving time   2.16.27hrs   3.36.36hrs
Elevation   2,736ft   6,060ft
Calories   2,339   4,589
Temperature   45f   54f
Elapsed time   2.16.27hrs   3.36.36hrs
Average Weighted Power   284   353
Strava Suffer Score   146   203
Total Work   2,098KJ   4,116KJ

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