Winter League Winner

During our recent Club Night and with the VC Iveagh ‘WINTER LEAGUE’ now concluded it was time to present a very special trophy to our club ‘YETI’. So with the meeting room filled to capacity and new faces in attendance we unveiled the brand new award of ‘VC Iveagh Winter League Winner’.

The VC Iveagh ‘WINTER LEAGUE’ was put in place towards the end of the year and would award those individuals who braved the winter elements. There is no doubt it was a hard fought league that accumulated points for every mile gained when attending club runs, throw in the treacherous winter conditions and you have a league to rival some of the toughest around. However from the off there was one a man who stood head and shoulders above his peers, it didn’t seem to matter what the elements threw his way, determination and perseverance was his mantra. Our inaugural winner of this prestigious and hard fought award went to none other than Brian ‘YETI’ Halliday.

yeti award 2

Everyone in the club would like to congratulate Brian on his achievement, may the award take pride of place on your mantel and don’t forget to wear the specially commissioned t-shift with the knowledge that you battled the elements and came out the other side victorious. You Sir are the 2016 VC Iveagh ‘YETI’.

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