Product Review: Endura FS260 Race Cape


Product Review: Endura FS260-Pro Adrenaline Race Cape

I got in contact with the guys at Endura a few months back as I loved the new FS260-Pro Adrenaline Race Cape they had produced and thought it would make a perfect club jacket for the VC Iveagh guys. The jacket is light, breathable with just the right mix of technical features and sporty looks. The more I used my own FS260 jacket the more I liked it and thought it really would make a great addition to our kit.

The jackets couldn’t have arrived at a better time, just before the onset of this never ending rain that seems to be flooding the entire UK. The first thing to say is that straight out the preverbal box, in this case a cellophane bag, I was impressed with the overall quality and weight of the jacket. The minimalist look, subtle reflective detailing and transparent black material give it the feeling of a very high quality product. What I’m trying to say is, it looked fast and with VC Iveagh’s logo prominently displayed on the upper back this looked like a serious piece of kit. Of course many pieces of kit can look wonderful but its how they perform that ultimately decides their fate.


This jacket has been made with cyclists in mind, tailored expertly with a few nice features like the soft padded collar, reflective detailing and elasticated cuffs to name a few. It’s certainly not a rough and tumble jacket, the fabric is extremely light and I have no doubt would wear quickly if you were to use any type of backpack, but this is not what is has been designed for. The FS260 jacket is the definition of minimalist and although it hasn’t been designed for prolonged heavy rain usage I have to confess it stood up to some really heavy downpours. It’s a more refined product than normal dedicated rain jackets with its lightweight and foldability, managing to fold down to the size of a fist. However the biggest plus for this jacket is it’s breathability, although the fabric does a great job keeping you dry it remains breathable and prevents overheating, an extremely fine balancing act. The FS260-Pro Adrenaline Race Cap handled everything I threw at it and exceeded my expectations.


The one thing that impressed me most about this jacket was the level of breathability, it can be worn over a winter jacket when caught in a shower but it‘s equally at home worn over a jersey in the height of summer. It’s maybe not the best waterproof jacket available if riding in consistent heavy rain, but that’s not what this jacket is all about.

You can read more about the FS260-Pro Adrenaline Race Cape over at Endura

2 thoughts on “Product Review: Endura FS260 Race Cape

  1. Prior to the recent purchase of my FS260-Pro Adrenaline Race Cape I had been using the Endura Pakajak Ultra lightweight and shower proof jacket made from ripstop fabric which I would have highly recommended to anyone however the breathability and waterproof ability of the FS260 has gained my top marks.

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