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VC Iveaghs resident ‘Club Pro’ Neil Seffen recently decided to delve into the mind boggling world of statistics, or more specifically the difference between a Club and Pro rider. What exactly would the differences be if measured via power output? Could a Club rider ever attain the levels of a Pro even for the briefest of stages? These were just a few of the questions that had been raising there heads during training and social runs, with everyone intrigued as to how close the ‘average’ rider could get.

So, one recent cold Tuesday evening with the temperature sitting around 2 degrees and a light drizzle of rain in the air (the type that soaks you right through according or Peter Kay) Neil set out on a now legendary ‘Hurt Locker’ training session. It’s hard to avoid the wind at this time of the year and on schedule the wind started blowing a gale, however this actually created a tailwind for the training interval but the downside meant having to pedal downhill for the rest interval. The ‘Pros’ had no such hardship with the temperature in Dubai sitting in the mid 20’s, a cooling breeze and the main focus directed at what sun factor to wear.

The only other difference, as if the weather wasn’t a big enough factor, would be the ‘steed’. With Moviestar Pro Dowsett riding a 2016 Canyon including a full Campagnolo groupset, carbon wheels and sporting a Power2Max chainring spider based crank power meter system; this is the set-up of dreams. Our club rider Neil on the other hand had a very different set-up, a 2007 aluminium Specialized Sequoia, Shimano 105 groupset, Mavic Aksium wheels and sporting the Powertap P1 pedals power meter and of course the obligatory commuting pannier rack & mudguards. So yes, everything taken into consideration perhaps Dowsett had a slight advantage, but no excuses were asked for as none would be given.

Let the games begin!!!!!

VC Iveagh ‘Hurt Locker’ vs Stage 1 Dubai Tour

Neil Seffen         vs            Alex Dowsett

(79kgs/180cms)                                (75kgs/182cms)

Data range VCI Club Rider Pro Rider Alex Dowsett
  Average Max Average Max
Speed 16.4 31.1 29.4 59.5
Heart Rate 149 183 133 188
Cadence 81 127 97 143
Power 205 706 221 1140
Distance 42.8 111.2
Moving time 2.36.31hrs 3.46.45hrs
Elevation 2,700ft 2608ft
Calories 2,149 3,348
Temperature 36f 75f
Elapsed time 2.53.58hrs 3.49.22hrs
Average Weighted Power 249 273
Strava Suffer Score 122 114
Total Work 1,928KJ 3,003KJ

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