The Importance Of Winter


With the tail end of storm Gertrude hitting our shores it was always going to be a tough weekend in the saddle, however a few of our members braved the elements to rack up more hard earned ‘Winter League’ miles. As the great Sean Kelly once said “You can’t tell if it’s cold looking out the kitchen window. You go out, do four and a half hours training, clean the bike and then say its cold out there.” And to all intents and purposes, it was damn cold on Saturday’s club run but the reports that came back were littered with superlatives for Rapha’s winter range. Using the right cycling gear at this time of the year can make such a difference, it’s one of the reasons why winter cycling can be so expensive because let’s be honest, who wants to spend four hours in the saddle feeling cold, wet and uncomfortable?

This winter VC Iveagh have collectively seen more road miles racked up than in any previous year, with ‘Winter League’ points at stake, A and B runs now implemented, an increase in members enthusiastic to build miles and the legendary Wednesday night ‘Hurt Locker’ put in place, there has never been a better time to get involved. With both race and sportive season just around the corner we are all desperate to get ‘miles in legs’ and set a good foundation for the summer and this year will be a big one for VC Iveagh. Over 80% of our members have taken out race licenses, some for fun simply  to dip their toes into the race scene while others are making a seasoned return now the winter is drawing to a close. This year’s mantra has been ‘#BigThings’ and it’s certainly looking that way when you see the determination etched on faces.

And while the weekly club runs continue, hard earned road miles tallied and race preparations underway there are exciting things afoot that have yet to be unveiled. 2016 will see new and exciting initiatives put in place to stand alongside the club once more hosting the County Down Time Trail Championship and our now annual Iveagh 50 Sportive. With a brand new ‘Summer League’ being implemented on the 1st of March we shall soon be announcing the first of these initiatives that we hope will be another building block for the club. It really is exciting times and it’s no wonder the club have been putting in the winter miles, so make sure you keep an eye on the website or social media for future announcements, the first of these is literally around the corner…


One thought on “The Importance Of Winter

  1. It’s not only physical toughness that is being developed at this time of year, but also mental strength! Whether it’s having to sit on the front of the group into a headwind that causes trees to blow down or even just stepping out of the back door wearing more layers than an onion to be greeted by horizontal rain…I always say to myself winner’s do what losers don’t…#bigthings

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