Marginal Gains

sky v vci 700

Marginal gains, it’s a buzz phrase brought to the fore by Team Sky boss Dave Brailsford but what does it actually mean to you and me? There is a big difference between competing in a local race and those competing on the biggest stage of all, can ‘marginal gains’ really give us all a competitive edge regardless if we are just looking to increase our average speeds or eke out a few seconds on the previous year’s TT times.

When you think about marginal gains you really need to look at it as a sum of incremental improvements, these taken together should lead to a significant improvement overall. If you can make a 1% improvement in varying areas you will achieve a cumulative gain that could be the difference between first and fifth. The marginal gains philosophy is really quite simple, find your weakest areas and try to improve them, however it takes commitment and discipline to apply this to every aspect of your chosen sport.

Over the coming weeks we shall be looking from a VC Iveagh perspective at areas that could benefit from the marginal gain process and possibly help you improve overall performance but as with everything, marginal gains will do nothing for performance if you don’t buy into every aspect of change. There’s certainly no point replacing your 23c tyres for 25c if you intend to put on a few pounds weight or wear a baggy jacket, marginal gains is a mindset, an understanding that small changes will lead to improvements, but certainly not overnight.

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