The Yeti Cometh


With the end of our Winter League firmly in sight there have been more unconfirmed sightings of the mythical creature know as the ‘VC Iveagh Yeti’, we believe special agents Mulder and Scully will officially end their prolonged sabbatical to investigate this case. Let’s just hope they bring a boat with them as it currently seems to be the best means of transport, bicycles are certainly struggling.

Points have been hard earned over the past few months but not because of snow, it has been a combination of wind, rain and flooded roads that have caused the problems. With Northern Ireland seemingly getting hit by the tail end of every storm given a menial name, there has been a deluge of the wet stuff and its once more turning everything gray. We are of course well used to ‘the gray’ at this time of year, roads, clouds, mood, in fact the very fabric of our existence is shaded in tones of winter gray but it’s hard to recall a time when so much rain has fallen upon us. Yet for everything that has been thrown in our direction, VC Iveagh is without doubt a hardy bunch that have battled the elements and poured scorn on the weather. Winter league points are being accumulated week on week with ever increasing numbers taking part and as week 12 approaches the weather forecast isn’t letting up.

For the most part the mood within our group rides has been excellent, what better way to share the hardship of a cold, wet, soggy winter than with club mates. When the sun does make an appearance, it is greeted with a renewed vigor to see off this season of extremes and lay the foundations for our summer. And all through the many miles we are gathering battle weary stories for generations to come, embellished perhaps but what good story isn’t?

group 700

Just to end on a serious note, don’t forget to renew those CI licenses folks; Winter League points will not be awarded to anyone that still hasn’t renewed as off the 16/01, only CI registered riders should be attending group rides.

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