Velo Club IVEAGH – The Way Ahead

The Way Ahead “In 2016 the club sought to challenge itself further” In 2017 velo club IVEAGH will enter its fourth season, with aspirations running higher than ever. Having saw huge development in 2015, in 2016 the club sought to challenge itself further, with a number of projects that included a 200 mile challenge to…


Social Media Spring Clean

Due to some modernisation and streamlining, several of the velo club IVEAGH social media sites may see some disruption over the next day or so. Disruption should be minimal. Full interactive access will now be available to all our followers, on all media groups and we encourage and look forward to your support, input and…


The Hurt Locker

For the past two years, those in the club engaging in the annual Open Race scene, have trained hard through the dark winter months in preparation for the opening races. With the huge array of information available to aid riders shape training, this has had members employing various programs and plans in an effort to…


2017 Team Kit Launch

Velo Club Iveagh is delighted to officially launch their new kit design for 2017. Developed through an exciting partnership with local manufacturer Powerhouse Sport, the new kit will deliver the highest level of performance through a combination of fit, feel and function. The VC Iveagh committee worked tirelessly over a number of weeks and months…


Club Meeting

A club meeting will take place on Mon 9th January in Tesco’s community room at the A1 Outlet. The meeting is scheduled to start at 7.00 pm and we would encourage all members to lend their support by attending and help make the decisions which will shape the clubs direction in 2017.    


VC IVEAGH 2017 Race League

With many now immersed in preparational training for the 2017 Open Race season, its time to look at the 2017 domestic club challenges, for those yet to formulate and engage in the hard grounding miles needed for success. Foremost though, is the need to remind and notify all that the requirement to participate at club…